Urea Powder

Rose Mill Company manufactures urea powder daily in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Our 20,000 sf Connecticut plant can custom pulverize and package high-quality urea powder in large or small quantities.

Urea powder is commonly used as an activator to promote uniform blowing of foam rubber products, and as an accelerator in plastics and rubber products. It is an additive to adhesives, Neoprene and other products.

Urea powder is also used in agricultural products and fertilizers. It is an economical and environmentally responsible source of nitrogen, and it readily dissolves to provide nitrogen and nitrogenous compounds. Rose Mill Company can provide free-flowing 100% urea powder. There are no additives, flow-agents or oil coatings. Our unique processing and packaging gives manufacturers an unaltered, free-flowing powder. The lack of additives allow manufacturers freely to formulate without the risk of unwanted reactions, and the free-flowing powder maximizes processing rates.

Rose Mill Company can also custom blend/toll manufacture granular or powdered agricultural and fertilizer products in small or large volumes. Contact us today for more information on our 100% urea powder.