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Custom Processing & Toll Manufacturing: Rose Mill processes inorganic dry products such as boric acid, borax, sodium percarbonate, urea, salts, cosmetic minerals and other granular and powdered products. We offer quick production and delivery on both large and small projects. Our ISO9001:2008 certified facility offers the following services:

  • PULVERIZING- we have multiple pulverizing machines designed to produce from 100 to 5000 lbs. per hour of various materials. We are perfectly suited to custom process your small or large job.
  • MIXING- small and large stainless steel ribbon blenders, tumble blenders, and cone blenders are ready to mix your dry powder and granular formulas. We can also blend lubricant oils, silicone fluids, and water-based liquids with dry or liquid additives.
  • PACKAGING- Rose Mill can package materials into 25-75 lb. multi-wall kraft or poly bags, bulk sacks, fiber drums, or other bulk containers. We can quickly fill small pails, drums, jars, and pouches ranging from ounces to pounds.
  • PRIVATE LABELING- let us manufacture, label, and package your products. We can work with your materials or ours. Color digital labels designed and printed in-house make for easy, complete contract packaging services.
  • DE-LUMPING SERVICES- reclaim value from your caked and lumpy chemicals by using Rose Mill's de-lumping services. We can process your caked and hardened materials in bags, sacks, and drums into free-flowing, usable material.

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